Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Deaths due to Sunami-Earthqquake, Nauka tragedy in Bihaar-Kerala....Strikes in so many states, though its good AI strike pull off...Problems in Kashmir ....silver linings like that Brave Girl(Rukhsana) killing Terrorist...Preparation of Commonwealth games, Tianmen today is 60yrs of Communism....we cannot say NEWS only presents frivilous stories, as we all like lighter stuff. It is in real sense, more maturer and presenting INFOTAINMENT. Best wishes to VIJENDER ....I think Sudhirji can be good coach or motivater/inspiration for new generation, who can criticize them where its important and praise and guide them where its right direction as KABIR has said...'GURU KUMBHAAR HAI, SHISHYA KUMBH HAI, GARHI-GARHI KARHE KHOTE...AANTER HAAT SAHAR DAYEY BAHAR BAHAI CHHOT.'...He can do it as he has reached to the MUKAAM, where with experiences he can 49yrs of life he has seen all shades of life(Amiri-Garibi...etc)...including pure respect and success(not so called hawai SUCCESS))....though for even him MANZILEIN AUR BHI HAIN....!!!

On the occassion of Gandhi Jayanti/Shastriji's B'day...I can only suggest that if a person/citizen's truly respect them, need to quit smoking, drinking liquor, any honest,and speak the truth.....I can suggest this as TODAY(belated 2nd oct 2009) the truth is I don't smoke, not drink liquor, occassionaly take PAN PARAG OR PAAN(as a mouth freshner...but do brush my teeth afterwards and not addicted to it...and today onwards I won't take it at all....I try to be as honest and truthful as much as I can be,(except some sweet lies) I usually do...!!! I live simple life and like to wear cotton/khadi as much as possible,and definetly like to do my own work myself...and of others also if possible, since childhood...I can say this as I don't live extravagantly(jitni zaroorat hai aur afford ker sakte hain)....I am happy chinu also understand this and trying to rectify, what little bit problem she we all do that... learning process is life...'PHULON SE NIT HASNA SIKHO, BHAURON SE NIT GANA, TARU KI JHUKI DALIYON SE NIT SIKHO SISH JHUKANA,SEEKH HAWA KE JHOKON SE LO KOMAL BHAV BAHANA(behaviour)'...I have memorized this poetry in childhood.(definetly we are not that filmy)...we all are GLOBAL CITIZEN's with DESHI HEART or can say...TILT.

Congatulations to our country and Dr Ramaakrishnan for NOBLE PRIZE for chemistry....good we all need antibiotics. So as to Mr Obama....I am sure this world need peace.

Somehow I feel Pakhaand or show off of austerity and simplicity may lead to serious begining of thinking that vulgaar display and wastage of wealth in many occasions by rich people is sick when many of us...our countrymen is dying of hunger or could not afford basic facilities like 2 time regular meal,cloths,house,education,health...etc.I believe at times DEETH HONA CAN LEAD TO CHANGE...!!

Good wishes to all the 3 States-Haryana,Arunachal Pradesh, and Maharastra for tomorrow's election....voters need to choose what is best for the state and for them ....a stable government, good governnence, good vision and can get implemented also,job provider,basic amenities, good devolopment work and good candidate, can help in economic growth of state and its citizens,can provide crime free state,encourage-sports,art and from corruption,crime, and petty politics....!!! Good to see good vote % as only criticising politicians...which is not totally wrong, after seeing their wealth and assests(they need to be more responsible as they are our choosen representative in country and states....but everyone's effort and participation can change the rotten system, poor governence, slow growth...we need stable govt...though coalition govt do has other kind of pressure on each other....even that make them balanced and in past many years it has proven that even coalition govt survived 5yrs term. Just being angry,aggressive,abusive about system and responsible person is not the solution though at times one cannot help it....but meditation...and control over materialism... can help all of us.we need to balance in everything...even in between materialism and spiritualism(without taking sanyas...). And about being human being is...actually Tulsidasji has said in whatever context..."DHOR,GAWANR,SHUDRA,PASHU NARI,YE SAB HAIN TARAN KE ADHIKARI"...we can add few more in it= whoever is poor and weak,supressed,Dalit...etc are not treated as an equal/proper human being.

Even Ram Manohar Lohia had said that 'in our country we can maintain unity by being libral and not fundamentalist as it has much diversity and many colours'...this is what I meant by flexibility...specially in the time/era of need to take one's sanskriti,sanskar-which is our pahchaan..bhartiyata,hindustaniyta....with us,which we inbibe since childhood...and good things from other(countries culture) also....minus kuritian,aandhvishwas.


Mr.D.Raja's SPECTRUM SCAM is a serious issue and need to follow up seriously by media and investigating I think as anyone's reputation in stake need to investigated carefully, so as people's money need not get misused.

Saw HT Leadership summit little bit....Shri M M Singhji, Shri Pranav Mukherjeeji nice listening to you,we are proud of your all contributions...praising you both is like showing Diya to Sun, I don't want to comment on it, but on election time when I said Mr.Singhji you have was based on fact not UPA was a ruling party and rural india was leaping behind...but recently reports indicating positive signs so best wishes to you and all of us...our country and humanity.

Saw a Discussion on some channel...2days back..SACHIN PILOT, TARUN VIJAY etc ...I just wanted to quote a comment of Sachin Pilot 'Atalji is above all across the party but there is no need to take all 'gandgi' along'...I think what he meant with it is fundamentalist organizations(Bajrang Dal, RSS etc)...and individuals ...he need to point out specifically, what he meant(or may be EKLA CHALO RE WAS THEIR ELECTION MANTRA THIS TIME) ...but its important to understand that not only Hindus but others do have fundamentalists in their religions. We need to redifine what 'FUNDAMENTALISM' means in present context. Do we really need to be a FANATIC to keep our religious ideology/PAAHCHAAN intact???...or is it needed to be inbibe it since our childhood as a SANSKAR(moral values,spiritual values,family values), and till what extent we need to Impose it??? Can't we give these dose in a simplified way as we have always done through telling stories/reading via amarchitra katha, Panch Tantra, history,vedanta,fairy tales, true stories, facts...Tenali Rama, Birbal...etc...celebration of 'main festivals' in scintific way(not with kurities/aandhvishvas), culture, philosophy, music, dance...and its classical forms, in a simple way...khelte-kudhete. (I have a plan to do that, wish me good luck)....and we tried to teach Aditi about it, most of people and schools must be doing this is what I believe... though I don't know how much she remember now.Fatwa against VANDEMATRAM made media to discuss it alot rightly, but if people go on literal meanings and translations then even JAN-GAN-MANN ADHINAYAK JAI HAI, BHARAT BHAGYAVIDHATA....BHAGYAVIDHATA IS addressed to BRITISHERS...but now these discussion is not worth.

Now SACHIN what we need to do is, as I think...( as just ignoring or avoiding them is not a solution)...they need to get convinced by our vision...and if not, then they themselve will get isolated(as who has so much of time to indulge in pooja-path, religious rituals in details all the time 24x7-karma hi puja hai, kuchh ghante mann ki shanti aur ekagrta ke liye puja aradhna thik hai...baki mann ki Mann changa to kaatoth mein ganga). For onwards I do want a person associated with me/living with me, to live normally but...with self imposed discipline, do not smoke, do not drink liquor,do not lie unneccessary, (be honest in everything)...or do not lie at all,keep away from abusive language or badmouthing, stay fit and do work with passion-whatever they do(it includes me as well)...celebrations and happiness are most welcome but within 'our economic/financial limitations'...bachhon ki kuchh mauj-masti to chalti all work no play makes a person bore and dull.!!!And will try to come out from image of FOODIE...and OVEREATING(like SHALLOW HAL). or any wrong bad perception which doesnot imply on us(swabhav kharab hai???)...and follow and try to fullfill whatever good perception/impression about us onwards!!!In last 15yrs moods and nature must have changed...otherwise I think I am a soft spoken peaceful person, by heart....

I don't want to comment on RESPECTED ULEMA'S AND DEOBAND's meeting held 2days media discussed it alot. ...As I think women has equal right to study and work, to be all other free citizen's has in our country...baki its their self imposed decision or mutual decisions in family, and it needn't be forced decision...whether they sit at home or work outside.So Deoband's resolution to prohibit it, or allow only 10yrs of studies with veil on is not less then TALIBANIZATION in India...So their opposition of women's rights are not 100% correct....!!! So as their opposition of use of Condoms for population control...or ad about HIV/AIDs prevention, may be if people find its ads vulgar...there has agencies to regulate or control it...or otherwise we have remote in our hand...vaise this discussion is on that media need to have some regulatory authority or they need self imposed rules....its also parents responsibility as well to educate their child about content what they watch and what not and they need to correct the misconception in childs or elders minds too...if they have any problem about these sensitive, (so called contegious) but important subjects.So telling youth to do not watch tv/movies are personal matters...they need to be regulated/educated since childhood.

On Mr Madhu Koda's Corruption case...its sickening but he is one of those big corrupt people who are misusing whole system for wrong doing and to just making money in the name of DESH SEVA...blindly,specially in such a poor and backward state, and been on such a big and responsible chairs. We need to expose all others who are indulged in these kind of activities, whatever the way...we have all praise for that IItian hacker who took risk to expose him and others in his group. I liked Sudhirji's cartoon very apt on him where he is vomitting and just money is coming out of his mouth. Really Can't say how much cash and kind,properties he has eaten,and having stomachache.So in what category he can be in?? ('Carnivorse or Herbivores or moneyvores.'???...its my shows even I am witty)

Commenting about Bihar and Biharies by CM of Madhya Pradesh in Satna recently...with due respect to him...he need to trained his people first and then speak against Biharies as it is these Biharies who are backbone of these industries as cheap but active available labourers(Palayan ki mazboori hai, ye aalag baat hai...samadhaan to mil ker hi nikala jaata hai)... whenever these states are in need, they got Bihaari labourers or karigaars...!!! and as well as they get skilled and educated Bihari officers through out country. So people first make own state's people capable/trained/skilled and then comment...and plz must remember the clauses of our CONSTITUTION that all of us has right to go, study,work and live in whatever part of country.And definetly other state people do live in other part of country for work,studies,traveling etc...poor,rich,skilled,unskilled,educated or uneducated.

What happened in Maharasta assembly in oath taking ceremoney is shameful...and it shows we have not recover from 6o yrs old controversy/mentality....its sad, we need to find solution instead of beating or abusing each other,as it happen with Mr Abu Aazmi....and a Politician of MNS who said on some TV Channel, I'll leave politics if its proven that HINDI is a RASTRABHASHA/RAJBHASHA, need to read this. One can read a chapter on Hindi as Rastrabhasha written by Ram Dhari Singh Dinakerji's SANSKRITI KE CHAAR ADHYAAYA....or his book RASTRABHASHA AANDOLON AND GANDHIJI!! Now in so many years HINDI is more acceptable in all corner of our Country, including Non-Hindi speaking states -South,Bengal,North-East etc ...Yesterday I saw a report on TV about place called TWANG in Arunachaal Pradesh...where Hindi is nurtured as a mother tounge...I can't say why heart land of Hindi Movies who gives so much revenues to Maharastra is against HINDI, WHICH IS LARGEST 3rd SPOKEN LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD, other then English and Mandarin.Can't one learn many languages,including Mother Tounge and be comfortable with it, or have many options to choose and not feel ashamed of not knowing English...or face discrimination in general life,job opportunities and at work place becoz of it....any language's importantance is -to COMMUNICATE/EXPRESS/AND IT MAY HAVE A BIT OF EMOTIONAL BONDING.....WHY TO FIGHT AND DEMEAN ONESELF AND FOR THAT, IMPORTANT PLATFORM LIKE STATE ASSEMBLY LIKE THIS!!!


Hindi against India



FORTY years ago this week, the DMK leader C. N. Annadurai wrote a letter to the Prime Minister protesting against the imposition of Hindi over all of India. Back in 1949, the Constituent Assembly had chosen Hindi as the sole national language, or "rashtrabhasha". The Constitution, which ratified this, came into operation on 26 January 1950. However, non-Hindi speaking States were given a 15-year "grace period", when English would be used along with Hindi in communication between the Centre and the States. That period would end on January 26, 1965; hence Annadurai's letter.

In fact, Southern leaders had been exercised about this question for quite some time. Back in 1956, the Academy of Tamil Culture passed a resolution urging that "English should continue to be the official language of the Union and the language for communication between the Union and the State Governments and between one State Government and another'. The signatories included Annadurai, E. V. Ramaswami `Periyar', and C. Rajagopalachari. On Rajaji's part this represented a certain change of mind; for he had once been a vigorous proponent of the `rashtrabhasha' himself. However, the organisation of the campaign was the work of the DMK, which through the 1950s organised many protest meetings against the imposition of Hindi.

Problematic caveat

The then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, was sensitive to the sentiments of the South; sentiments shared by the North and East as well. In 1963, Nehru piloted the passing of an Official Languages Act, which provided that from 1965 English `may' still be used along with Hindi in official communication. That caveat `may' have proved to be problematic; for while Nehru clarified that it meant `shall', other Congressmen thought it actually meant `may not'.

As January 26, 1965 approached, the opponents of Hindi geared up for action. Nehru they could trust, somewhat; his successors, not at all. For the new Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri, was himself strongly for Hindi, as were his senior colleagues Morarji Desai and Gulzarilal Nanda. Ten days before January 26, Annadurai wrote to Shastri saying that his party would observe the day of the change over as a `day of mourning'. But he added an interesting rider; in the form of a request to postpone the day of imposition by a week. Then, said Annadurai, the DMK could enthusiastically join the rest of the nation in celebrating Republic Day.

Now the DMK had originally stood by a `secessionist' platform; it wanted a separate State of Dravida Nadu. However, over the years it had softened this demand, seeking only greater autonomy for Tamil Nadu. A party conference in 1963 had formally dropped the secessionist plank. And now here was Annadurai urging Shastri to allow the DMK to celebrate Republic Day, thus to show that they were as patriotic as anybody else.

You can speak Tamil or English and yet be a good Indian, argued Anna. No, answered New Delhi, the only good patriots are those who speak (and write) Hindi. Shastri and his Government stood by the decision to make Hindi official on 26 January. And, in consequence, all hell broke loose.

There are some good books on the `official language' controversy, such as Robert D. King's Nehru and the Language Politics of India and Mohan Ram's Hindi Against India. However, the events of January-February 1965, when the debates came to a head, are best recalled by excerpts from this newspaper itself. Naturally, The Hindu followed these events very closely indeed.

On January 27, there was no issue of The Hindu; but over the following week the paper devoted hundreds of column-inches to the anti-Hindi protests. In towns and cities all over Madras — as the state was still called — students boycotted classes. In numerous villages bonfires were made of effigies of the Hindi demoness. In railway stations and post offices, Hindi signs were removed or blackened over.

The headlines in one day's The Hindu tell part of the story:

Total hartal in Coimbatore

Advocates abstain from work

Students fast in batches

Peaceful strike in Madurai

Lathi-charge in Villupuram

Tear-gas used in Uthamapalyam

The bulk of the protests were collective: strikes, bandhs, processions, boycotts and dharnas. But there was one form of protest that was individual and disturbingly so: the taking of one's life. On Republic Day itself, two men set themselves on fire in Madras. One left a letter saying he wanted to sacrifice himself at the altar of Tamil. Three days later, a 20-year-old man in Tiruchi killed himself by consuming insecticide. He too left a note saying his suicide was in the cause of Tamil. These `martyrdoms', in turn, sparked dozens of more strikes, processions, boycotts and dharnas.

Scale of protests

The scale of the anti-Hindi protests surprised even its motivators. Their intensity, meanwhile, alarmed the Centre. Soon it became clear that the ruling Congress party was split down the middle. On the last day of January, a group of prominent Congressmen met in Bangalore to issue an appeal to `the Hindi-loving people not to try to force Hindi on the people of non-Hindi areas'. The hustling of Hindi in haste, they said, would imperil the unity of the country.

These Congress dissenters included S. Nijalingappa (Chief Minister of Mysore), Atulya Ghosh (the boss of the Bengal Congress), Sanjiva Reddy (a senior Union Minister), K. Kamaraj (the Congress President). But on the same day, they were answered by the top ranking Cabinet Minister Morarji Desai. Speaking to the press in Tirupati, Desai claimed that by learning Hindi the Tamil people would only increase their influence within India as a whole. The Congress leaders in Madras, he said, should `convince the people of their mistake (in opposing Hindi) and get them around'. Desai regretted that Hindi had not been made official in the 1950s itself, before the protests against it had crystallised.

Placed in the hot spot was the Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri. His heart was with Hindi zealots like Desai; his head, however, urged him to listen to other voices. On February 11, his hand was forced by the resignation of two Union Ministers from Madras. The same evening the Prime Minister went on All India Radio to convey his `deep sense of distress and shock' at the `tragic events'.


To remove any `misapprehension' and `misunderstanding', he said he would fully honour Nehru's assurance that English would be used as long as the people wanted. Then he made four assurances of his own:

`First, every State will have complete and unfettered freedom to continue to transact its own business in the language of its own choice, which may be the regional language or English.

Second, communications from one State to another will either be in English or will be accompanied by an authentic English translation.

Third, the non-Hindi States will be free to correspond with the Central Government in English and no change will be made in this arrangement without the consent of the non-Hindi States.

Fourth, in the transaction of business at the Central level English will continue to be used'.

Later, Shastri added a crucial fifth assurance — that the All India Civil Services Examination would continue to be conducted in English rather than (as the zealots wished) in the medium of Hindi alone.

The Prime Minister's speech served both to calm down the anti-Hindi movement and to maintain the unity of the nation. But it came too late to save his party's reputation in the Tamil country. For the protests of January-February 1965 helped establish the DMK as the coming party in Madras politics. Two years later, under Annadurai's leadership, it comfortably won the Assembly elections. The Congress was wiped out; ever since, it has remained a feeble force in the state. Not for the first (or indeed last) time, linguistic chauvinism has carried with it a massive political cost.

Ramachandra Guha, is an author and historian based in Bangalore. E-mail him at:

I(vibha) pasted this article here so that one need to learn from the mistakes of history/past. This article shows how since 1950, people fighting against Hindi in South....but now thay understand its importance of communication,connectivity, and expression in our country.

I like the decision of Delhi University Vice-Chancellor and other Professors...yesterday's report says...GURU BANE SHISHYA...where they all are learning computers, to be computer educated...its is a learning process.

Yesterday on NewsX Channel Sudhirji and Mr Aliq Padamsee were invited to debate on Delhi V/s Mumbai...which city is better...both had to defend their own city. Both spoke Sudhir lived in and been to mumbai many times...both were quite balanced in debating and witty as well....Mr Padamsee's comment that in Mumbai people buy tickets for any show and sitting arrangement is on the basis of first come first service...but in delhi one need to give free passes or reserve free seats for VIP(who usually come late, that also for few minutes) is very correct...and we need to change this mentality.But then here even for charity work very few big people work free without charging anything,unlike Sudhirji.

My tribute to Nehruji and good wishes to Sachin today.

Talking with few net-friends(seemant/RajKamal/nishaant) in Ranchi-Jharkhaand about naxalism(which are in Jharkhand,Bihar, Chaatishgarh,Bengal,Maharshtra, general... and about elections(including Mr Madhu Koda-corruption case etc), Cricket, Mr M.S.Dhoni (and writing about naxalism in my blog as naxalism in present context, Home Minister's steps.....during these elections there and cricket match days....I didn't realise that even Tailangana from where we are remotly connected as our ancestor migrated from there and still our sirname is Tailang (and even it is Naxalgrast area-as a TRS MP had given us whole detailed material-audio-visual- on this andolen...asked us to support as we are Tailang's...its struggle is mostly based on that areas socio economic positions these areas are very backward and poor ) ...he started having labour pain.!! Mr K.Chandrashekhar Rao is in critical condition. Let see if he and new born baby will die...or both will survive or one of is a big question??? Its my appeal to people if they are ready to listen plz don't do dunga fasad and todh this, peaceful wayout will be appreciable.

Well today 10/12/09 decision is taken that separate State TELANGANA will be formed will be 29th State of our country....last hitch is their fight for HYDRABAD...the solution is CHANDIGARH is still a CAPITAL(UT) of BOTH PUNJAB AND HARYANA. Best wishes Mr K.Chandra Shekhar Rao...for your new born baby...must live for people and not become corrupt as Mr Koda(yet to be proven guilty)has become.Jharkhaand, Uttrakhaand and Chaatishgarh were born 9 yrs ago in 2000 (15th Nov, 9 Nov and 1 Nov 2000)...again in this winter a new state is born.....!!! I hope now no more Bandhs and their State, so that they can Progress fast...without too many objections and obstructions....can do by controlling unneccessary money spending in large cabinet and berths, ministries...,big salaries as now even MP/MLA's salaries has doubled(many new people will get employment...thats good) and other extravagant unneccessary money spending, as it is shown many smaller states are progressing fast and doing in larger state many backward, drought/flood prone area,poor population are still living neglected and sidelined, uncatered, ignored life.... though every aspect has its flip side.....etc...good wishes.

My request to fellow media is -plz highlight indepth and detailed reports and discussions on... the reasons why any group wants a new state??? demands for 9 states has already begun...its very crucial and important to tell viewers why it is important to create a new state... and which demands are(for new state is genuine...and which has sheer selfish earlier bigger states like UP has given many PM's as they had maximum no. of Loksabhaseats...but now in coalition era...whichever party is united, small or big can bargain or negotiate...)!!!

* on 11/12/09 Sudhirji has made brilliant cartoon on this subject today(He always does), one can see it in the Facebook and twitter also, so....Plz try and not undo Shri Sardar Patelji's effort of unifying our country.

Rahul Gandhi took big risk, if Rita bahugunaji is correct...I don't think he should do it his life is very valuable to our country. Take care Rahul.Take Risk for work and people but not risking your life like this. Best wishes.

Good Wishes to Indian Team and Mr M S Dhoni...for today's match/next matches.

Good wishes to Suronjoy for winning gold for boxing in Presidents Cup...and Vishwanath Aanand for his 40th B'day.

Haven't seen Auro but heard alot on TV...Congrats and best wishes to whole team...and definitly Amitabhji...!!!

Media is After Mr Tigerwood-an ace Golfer....Mr Pritish Nandy has written- In America 9 out of 10 person is having extra marital affairs, then why so much hue and cry on Tiger's deed...well whats happening in America is not of our interest, thats also in anyone's personal life, but sir, even there, where scene are like this, celebrities are considered role models/Icons and a very popular, nice and efficient/great President Mr Bill Clinton has to face impeachment.

But now I don't want to get serious when Khushwant Singhji is saying I don't mind being called Dirty old man...or Saif being called Casanova by Karina...aur young generation...finding groom/bride...I don't want to speak and interfere in personal matters...but do believe wiser people do not repeat I sounding like reformist.!!!

'Sudhir'/'Sudhirji' is making very brilliant cartoons...specially, in today's newsy mahaul....can be seen in the asian age NewsPaper, in its website, the deccan chronicle Newspaper, in its website, in his facebook and twitter account daily.

I don't think govt has taken any hasty decision as this matter is very old and do not need too much research(as Mr Vankiyya Naidu had said yesterday..Home work nahin kiya, zaldabazi kar dino mein BJP palat gayi...or some AP MLA was saying...kisi clerk, S.Police ke kahne se hum nahin maneinge...well, though work need to be done by creating consensus...but at times situation do not give so much time to consult everyone on urgent situation and need to take quick decisions, as during formation of AP late Shri Ramuloo died doing fast unto death.......mujhe nahin lagta sarkar iss mamle mein actually fanss gayi hai(catch 22 situation)... though ho-hungama is too much.

Today Yashwant Sinhaji has spoken really very well in Lok Sabha...though I have seen just half of it but it was very well researched(with all the newsclippings) and with all facts and emotions of 'zamini haqiqat'....of Jharkhaand and use of fund allocated there for poor, corruption is there at all levels...Junior Engineers, BDO, Police,....etc...Sab Chor hain..Paise, Sampatti...Khate hain...!!!....Civil Aviation ke Helicopter ko Bapauti samajh ker durpayog kerte hain....Gram Sabha Kagozon per office mein Sirf Sign kerke ho jati hain....her tarf dhan, Shakti, vyavstha ka durupayog...aur kamchori hai.Baaton aur Kagazi roop se sirf kam ho raha hai, aasal logon thak dhan pahoonchta hi nahin...tamam log BPL ka Lal or hara card banwane ki mang karte rahte hain...HOW MANY NGO's, INCLUDING RELIGIOUS NGO's are getting govt's money/grants but not spending it where it is to be spent...or for what it is meant for???....etc, He presented Mr Madhu Koda's case very well.How Congess is trying to save him as no beaurocrats, through whom files went and notings were written, persons who gave money for getting benifits from him has questioned...etc...(People have audacity to ask for or give money in today's media glare or spotlight on them, Hats off to them). Jhaarkhand has everything which a State need to have....but still its pace of progress is slow than other new states.... then really one need to think ...why it is so??? Good wishes to you Yashwantji.

Lets wait and watch how much India and other Asian countries can put their points effectivily and make a mark in these meetings at most of the Pollution(CO2 emission) comes from devoloped countries.

Save the Children group(an international NGO, has branch in India) had conducted a contest and asked every person to suggest name of a book of their choice..that can be given to school children in Bangladesh. Good.

Good to read News(24/12/09)...Rajdeep Sardesai will fight and raise voice against...'paid journalism',where news and news space get sold-whole next year...!! Green Peace international(NGO) who raise voice saying-Act now-Change the in Copenhagen,our leaders failed, we won't let them we all act now/...Its time to sent notice to politicians! Every email, and call raised in-protest about their future is a step towards forcing them to act in all out interests.

Good news that bill for SARROGACY is ready,till now it was a tradition for just a permission for relationship to give birth a child....but now a detailed rules and regulations are formed to save childs rights and identity and nationality, first wife's right,...this judgement was based on petition filed for a 'case of child born of Indian mother for German parents by test tube technique' NGO Aannand in Gujraat is really active in this issue for last few years.Till this bill will pass by Parliament, Supreme Court will take care of it(24/12/09)...saw news on NDTV.

Its good that INFOSYS has decided to give its 50% jobs to females in his company...So as today...15/12/09 Defence Minister Mr Antony has announced that women in India will get combat seats there....good, we can see more JHANSI KI RANIs in future.

Saw cover story on 'Journalism for Sale' in latest Outlook English...its well researched but english media is spared....its really shameful and its high time, all need to do introspection- by people who are part of it...I still believe as I have written before, one need self imposed rules and regulation are already there....JO DIKHTA HAI, VOH BIKTA HAI, can be changed to,...JO DIKHAINGE VOH DEKHIYE...AADAT SUDHER even DISCOVERY CHANNEL,NATIONAL GEOGROPHY CHANNELS HAS GOOD TRP.
Someone in my Facebook has discussed about DD News system's pathetic situation...first of all, govt need to do something for it. And outlook discussion on 'Journalism for Sale' and about big channels and newspapers and from where they are gettings Big money and funds....there national-international sources/collaborators/partners/etc...and how they influence and control our news.

Till then let me do some introspection about my ownself, about my nature, and my spoken language(is it really bad??)!!!....but not here....I just wish no one should go through MEDIA TRIAL anymore due to SPECULATION AND GOSSIPS.....aS These SITUATIONS CAN BE BAD OR FATAL at times....Media need to be BALANCED in reporting/presenting/and in their covering all the aspects and angles before reaching to any conclusion without getting JUDGEMENTAL.

Telangana issue...

Unified country is most important but as I believe, and I earlier said, if part of state is socio-economically so ignored for last 63 yrs and in result are so backward that growth is not happenning at all,and its impossible to devolop allrounded, then with consensus, one separate state need to be our constitution says, parliament do not need to be involved in it....and as I have read in wikipedia in google, or is following this news for years, every party from national level to regional level has supported Telangana issue... before, and at some point, so if Andhra Pradesh could not assure full support and full devolopment of Telangana which has not happenned in so many years now, ..and in future...years to come, than separate Telangana need to be formed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Naxalism in present context

Mr Chidambaram's comment on Naxalism...I feel its important to understand root causes of the problems...these people's frustration, and their selfless motives getting converted into distructive violence and corruption, lootmar,kidnappings for ransams,killings...including innocent people...many of them are misguided people who don't even know the coincequences or try for better alternative of finding of the few reasons are our many politicians unsympathetic attitudes towards them, or slow process of functioning of our beaurocratic system, which fails to assure them that they will get speedy recovery from basic problems,explotations and get all round devolopment of area. They do get false assurence from their leaders many times so as with local politicians which adds to their frustrations, which definetly creates law and order problems....!!!

If I have to quote any book or a film based on it I will mention 'MAHASHWETA DEVI's' 'HAZAAR CHAURASI KI MA' reminds me of Mr Kobad Gandhy's story also, a boy of a rich family became naxalite after seeing friends problems...with them, and how finally got killed by a family friend- a police officer in a fake can see nexus of police, beaurocracy,politicians also...and how it works, in that book/film. Even Gulzar saheb's film HU TU TU has a bit of it.

But what/how naxalites are doing is not the correct way to get Social justice.....I really felt like crying when I saw a little boy Abhishek crying for his father...and vouching for revenge... Late Mr.Fransis...who's death was ignored by his own senior officers and Politicians of JHARKHAND....its reflects problems and inefficiency of state goverence system.These Naxalites(and Terrorists) are COWARDS AND HOLLOWMEN IN THEIR PRINCIPALS....ITs REFLECTED BY THEIR ACTIONS(killers or people of violent mentality are cowards except if person is in police or defence,or acted in self defence)) Maharastra...they killed 17 securitymen while important talk was going on in Delhi regarding counter Naxalism and for Peace talk....till now 270 securitymen were killed and innocent people do get killed in mines blasts, and other tell me, is this the way to get social justice for POOR,SUFFERINGS,DALITS,BACKWARDS....they talk about equal rights and equal distribution of wealth...but can they get it, the way they want their voice to be heard....its better to stop this strategy of killing, crime and get killed or become criminals....and do peace talk and negotiate for peace...and find out solutions for their, house, land,employments, education, health and other basic amenities...which they are deprived our CONSTITUTION has given equal rights to every citizens....this situation can change, not by killings...they can ask for support by media people...they cannot get social justice just by killing...blowing up railway tracks,destroying other public properties... or becoming tools in powerful people's hand for their vested interests(including other countries like Nepal, China, ...)....If any one is listening...Plz listen to my appeal...before just getting killed or killing in fight after state security or Central forces or its decided rightly to be strict now.....think and act fast in your and country's benift, and for people whom's right you are fighting for for peace and your rights...and think about your duties....ask aam janta and media to understand your problems correctly and in balanced way, and to related leaders as well...they will project it rightly as I am sure most of them don't have vested interest and they work for national interest and Insaaniyat.Come out, come out...stop violence....its all wastage of energy and life, this way situation will deteriote and not improve. We all are SLUMDOGs...but not a millionaire....SO AT TIMES THINKING ABOUT NEGATIVE ASPECTS IS ALSO IMPORTANT....GARIB VIOLENT HO KAR NAHIN JEET SAKTE...BATON SE JEETNE KI KOSHISH HONI CHAHIYE....After Maharastra...Bihar/Jharkhaand is facing naxals...anger and Bandh...I think now they have changed the strategy and appealing to govt,as News says...not to go for campaign against them...but they are protesting with todh-phodh,blowing up railway track, which is not correct....comeout and for peace, growth and for devolopment....of your people and area. Its good sign that yesterday's(19th.10.09) news says, Reknown Naxalite Kobad Gandy realised that excessive violence in West Bengal by Maoist has become reason for the lost ground for them. Its good if they prefer Peace talk, living COWARDNESS of DOING VIOLENCE..In recent elections maoists lost all the its high time these people think again about violent way of getting their demands they really understand or read Mao???? I have said this earlier as just romanticising the help poor people like this cannot take them too far...they need to try peace making efforts...starting with a talk with rightthinking fighting for human rights also need to have balanced approach as even without all round devolopment, one cannot progress.

(Definetly nowadays serials and films based on classic litreature like DEVDAS of SARATCHANDER,or mythological, historical...stories are based on facts(mentioned in books) with little bit of contemporary KRISHNA, SHIKHANDI,ARJUN,DRAUPADI,KUNTI-we all know kunti was unwed mother who ordered his sons to divide whatever they got between all of them equally, without seeing that Arjun with brothers and Draupadi came back from SWAYAMBER and were giving her surprise...that time Kunti was busy offering puja in her pujaroom....then Draupadi reteriated when she met privately with it mentioned in Mahabharata.)

Only solution for it is speedy all round devolopment of rural and poor areas...and people's mindset about poverty,backwardness and castesism, including communalism....and definetly government cannot do without people's own help,cooperation and of course demands/awareness for their rights and need to create positive kind of pressure without doing destructive efforts which finally harm people themselve and their area, as -if we burn public transports or anything which is meant for our own(Public)benifit and our own money from taxes is used in whose harm is this...its hard to get convienience and easy to finish/burn it off or destroy it...Home minister had said in last 10yrs, when they were busy dealing with Kashmir problem this problem spread like menance in our whole country...Why they were not aware of it or couldn't foresee it??.....Well, in last 10yrs NO.s of NGO's has increased tremendously(1.2 BILLION IN INDIA IN WHICH 53% WORKS in rural areas and 50% are unregistered.....and it became a SECTOR.)

What naxalites are doing continiously in different part of country is making them only OUTLAWS and its not in their favour or their people, if they are fighting for them....its useless effort, killing inocent policewala's, looting,dacoities, kidnapping....its all not a good sign and are anti national activities....they should try and negotiate for PEACE,EMPLOYMENT,DEVOLOPMENT OF THEIR with govt,media,related authorities,against poverty and autrocities....and not just for freedom of a person or two...these hijacking of trains, kidnapping will not take them too far.They need to Negotiate for total devolpment...and their root causes of problems...not for petty politics...otherwise they will loose people's faith, and whatever support they have.

IITians way of pressure tactics is correct(indefinite Bhook Hartal)...and I do think in the name/cause of austerity/simplicity plz do not compromise on HEALTH can cut in other expenses, if one try...I mean in context of what is happenning in JNU.

Read latest outlook(english), Mr K.Santhanam talked about failure of POKHRAN-II, he criticesed Mr. Kalam saheb(our Ex President)...that "he is not familiar with nuclear matters.He doesn't know where to hide his face now" you think after LEFT's withdrawl...Amar singhji and party supported UPA government on Nuclear Deal issue after Kalam Saheb's consultation...its all wrong decision???....Ain't he an expert???...Then whom to believe, whom to not??? I at least,do believe in Nuclear Disarmament. Good wishes to Ex President Kalam Saheb to be an ENVIRONMENT AMBASSADOR.

7/1/2010...sad to see Bandh in four states by naxalites in bihar...stopage of trains...can't they find solution...discussing with concern authorities.


नक्सली 72 दिनों तक हिंसा बंद रखने को तैयार !!
Author: Kusum Thakur | Posted at: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 | Filed Under: देश
माओवादियों के प्रवक्ता किशनजी ने कहा है कि यदि सरकार 25 फ़रवरी से 72 दिनों तक अपना अभियान बंद रखे तो वो भी हिंसा बंद रखने को तैयार है ।
गृहमंत्री पी चिदंबरम ने हाल ही में कहा था कि यदि माओवादी 72 घंटों तक हिंसा छोड़ दें तो सरकार बातचीत करने को तैयार है ।

इसके जवाब में माओवादियों के प्रवक्ता कोटेश्वर राव उर्फ़ किशनजी ने एक बयान जारी करके कहा है कि वो 72 दिनों तक हिंसा छोड़ने को तैयार हैं यदि सरकार नक्सलवादियों के ख़िलाफ़ जारी अभियान बंद कर दे ।

किशनजी ने इसके लिए 25 फ़रवरी से 7 मई तक का समय तय किया है ।

इस बयान में बातचीत का कोई ज़िक्र नहीं है ।

पिछले दिनों में माओवादियों का एक धड़ा बातचीत को इच्छुक नज़र आया है लेकिन किशनजी बातचीत के ख़िलाफ़ माने जाते हैं ।

माओवादी नेता गोपीनाथ जी या दुर्गा हेमराम बातचीत के पक्ष में बयान दे रहे हैं क्योंकि उनका कहना है कि इस हिंसा का असर आदिवासियों की रोज़ी रोटी पर हो रहा है ।

किशनजी पर भी इस बात का ख़ासा दबाव है और अंदाज़ा है कि ये पेशकश भी सरकार की तरफ़ से माओवादियों के ख़िलाफ़ तेज़ हो रहे अभियान को रोकने के लिए है ।

पिछले ही हफ़्ते माओवादियों ने 24 पुलिसवालों को मौत के घाट उतार दिया था और बिहार में भी दस से ज़्यादा लोगों की जान ले ली थी ।

इसके बाद गृहमंत्री पी चिंदबरम ने राज्यों के मुख्यमंत्रियों से बात की है और नक्सलियों के ख़िलाफ़ अभियान तेज़ होने के आसार नज़र आए हैं ।

ख़बरें ऐसी भी हैं कि चिदंबरम रेलमंत्री ममता बनर्जी की मध्यस्थता से माओवादियों के उन नेताओं से बातचीत शुरू करने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं जो इसके हक़ में हैं ।

I don't understand how by killing policemen,innocent citizen's or blowing up school buildings can show their character of Masiha's of poor, backward,exploited, ugly people???

Saturday, September 19, 2009

my recent experiences

Its nice to hear people's experiences of our they were so talented in school days, and secretly learnt creative art,which is their profession now(a beautician)...their parents got surprised when they came to know about their hidden talents...definetly even I think, for creative art and sports...if it is not in family traditionally, its quite difficult to convince parents to allow them and get their whole hearted support as well...for participation and to make it a full time profession...nowadays...becoz of media exposure and many reality shows, people do started to know that singing, dancing and other creative fields can give you NAME, FAME AND MONEY...but then one should think about FLIP SIDE also of any profession before choosing everyone can be AMBITIOUS but cannot reach to the peak,as for that one need to have PASSION or INTEREST...and 100% concentration for it.But then its important to define AMBITION in one's own language...for me its not just a NEED, NAME,FAME,or MONEY...but I work for personal satisfection...and definetly for a search of mission...for me its important to understand why my mind and heart is guiding me to do this work....I do get inspired by GAUTAM BUDDHA and his search for soul and peace...he was followed his inner voice and left his TAZZO-TAKHT for it...even SMARAT ASHOKA left his every aspirations (through violence) to become a Buddhist king later on...and did its PRACHAAR-PRASAR. Same As if a normal nice human being become EGOIST...AAHAANKARI...HE/SHE IS 'FINISHED=SAB KHATM' TILL THEY BURN EGO IN DUSHERRA WITH EFFIGY OF RAVANA...AND TRY TO BE REBORN AS A RAM/SITA. AND DEFINETLY IT DOES NOT HAPPEN BY EATING TIFFINS OR LUNCHES HERE AND THERE OR JUST 'ALLEGED' TO BE CORRUPT...KAHANIYAAN HAIN, KAHAANIYON KA KYA!!!

MY MANTRA IS-KARMANYA VADHIKA RASTE MA FALESHU KADA CHANAH...KARMA KARO AUR PHAL KI ICCHA MAT RAKHO!! I remember when I was asked in an interview for FOCUS TV with bro of the lady owner,-I just said softly one line.'I believe in "Professionalism, My Principals, and Profitability(not Bandh or Badla)"...after that I only reacted on salary meeting with Madame was quite irritating,though I was silent, as most of the time she was busy with her mobile and sim cards problem etc...and asked me to write ideas...'Pahle Ye karke batain phir queen samjhein, kab layeingi..kal???...!!! I have written it(that night only) but never went again...I think she didn't like my message on phone(I had written pahle aap appointment letter dein phir ideas lein''.) as I was told(I think she wants to take my test)...even I felt something is wrong there....which cameout later in Bhadas Dot com...She was fighting some case with her husband which reflected in her behaviour...but thats their personal problem...then I decided I should do something on my own...its very important for me, definetly thats why I have written in blog as as two long personal topics are deleted, I don't think again I can write now I myself don't know what details I have written there....but definetly I am feeling better.(kam karte raho to gossips, laziness,other shortcomings-as other say, don't get discussed much or you yourself do not bother about it)

Yesterday I met few people in HARDAYAL LIBRARY of M.V.II,I went there to book a Hall for a workshop(its only hall here, and its comes under MCD)...they were really effected by economic reccession...and is a trust (an NGO) run by MCD DELHI...800 employees are jobless and their lives are getting badly effected...they told me their problems, how they are facing it...few of them attempted SHOLEY's VIRU kind of SUICIDE ATTEMPT...few days back...which got coverage in many local newpaper pages...(they have shown it to me, and I told them about few more gandhigiri attempt by others in different states)) and NCR CHANNELS...they have met every related officers and Politicians...nothing came out of it...did some TODH-FODH at MAYER's office, (its good that no one is their UNION LEADER as most of them are usually...they take money from both the sides(employers and employees)....and losers are these employees) even confirmed employees are called frauds and illegal(their appointment is considered illegal now) and got general notice...they do come and sign attendence register daily(shown it to me), without doing any work...they are ready to compromise on their salary money, but want their job permanent...daily wages people are out in the very beginning and the person who appointed them,Mr Ashok Jain is in jail for some murder case...they are in real trouble...they are ready to do GANDHIGIRI or NANA PATEKARGIRI...but want AAR-PAAR decision...rakhein ya ye kahin aur naukari dundhein...latkain MCD is opening new Libraries in DPS schools and in other private groups,but told them that they don't have money for these people(they needed 10 crore rs just for their salaries)....if this branch get closed/or they got kicked off, they may get few months money(SALARY) and other money(PF, etc) which is mandetory...but if they quit...they may not get much.... !!! These people are recurited triple in number with the assurence of starting new branches in Delhi...but things didn't work out in positive direction.These RED TAPISM,CORRUPTION...IS REAL THREAT IN PROGRESS OF ANY SOCIETY/COUNTRY.

It really shows how one person's problem in family can effect girl is engaged and her best qualification is that, she is in govt is afraid that engagement will get broken off, so as a boy got married recently, got dowry, including ALTO car, as he is in govt his marriage is in trouble....endles problems.


Today I came to know that notice is served to all of them of termination by 26th Sept...they are fighting case for pending salaries...whatever they may get...BHAHGATE BHUT KI LANGOT HI KAFI HAI...YEH EK KAHAVAT HAI....!!!Good wishes to them for their salary money and future job and life in general.And I want to say that poverty for any reason may make a person sad and a bit weak, but no one is GAANDA...OR NALE KA KIDDA-GATUR KI AULAD(Mazdoor Ki Aulad-Shanti), OR CATTLES...!!! Hey Ram! Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! Sabki Jai Ho! As Good or Bad can be anywhere...and it can be rectified by personal effort. Ghav ka sara Mavad Nikal Ker Safai kar di...Ab Aagae Badhte Hain. Ummeed hai log galat interpret nahin karenge...vaise its their prerogative whether they will except my effort and come for my progarmme on 25th oct...I'll organize it. I am happy that Sudhirji told me yesterday that what ever you want to do, just get convince yourself,I'll help you as much as its possible for me.


On 25th october 2009, 5pm to 7pm,at HARDAYAL PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMUNITY CENTRE, POCKET-F, MAYUR VIHAR-II, DELHI-91, Our NGO ADITI FOUNDATION is organizing a HEALTH AWARENESS WORKSHOP, for neighbourhood people(local audience), in which we will have interactive discussion about ARTHRIRIS, about people's participation in health services and Role/use of RTI, and Health and Human Rights in Brief. Demonstration of YOGA effective in Arthritics, and Free Bone Density Test.

ADITI FOUNDATION's objective is 'SAMPURNA VIKAS' of a person which includes personality devolopment and spiritualism(SANSKAR)and0 as well,Awakening campaigm 'JAGEN HUM'...awareness effort about basic things around us which we are ignorent of, which means freedom from 3'P's-Psychological, Physical, and Professional problems....!!! It is MOSTLY focused on Women,Child and Senior Citizens.

Its a mission for us and a way of breaking jinx as well that 'Social causes' effecting people's lives around shouldn't become curse for us. I am hoping that People from neighbourhood will come in numbers so that they get benefit of our effort and that will be our SUCCESS, and we'll be able to do much more next month and in forth coming years.My mission is to make Health and Education -SAMPURNA VIKAS a mass movement. But any such effort is benificial if it is a collective effort, as for us only I, Sudhirji, Aditi, Ma, Babuji are permanent members of this foundation....others are "people, experts of different fields and common persons, who are our workforces who will participate in big numbers, and contribute as speaker and share their expertise or sponsor or contribute in whatever manner, when neccessary. Even Press People who will cover it and help us in spreading Social Causes and do constructive contribution towards our society, country, and humanity. As I think even one drop contribution of every single person can make our leaders think that we live for purpose and not just for chair, we think about mission, want result, outcome to get implemented and not just for next election. We all will contribute in making this world beautiful place to live. Best Wishes to ADITI FOUNDATION. Definetly I would like to spread work of Aditi Foundation in different part of Delhi and definetly in other states....!!!

After much JOSH in NEIGHBOURHOOD about our ADITI FOUNDATION's HEALTH AWARENESS WORKSHOP on ARTHRITIS ON 25TH OCT-5 TO 7PM,2009,....FLUCTUATION in people's mood about participating in it and clash in timing with one more programme of senior citizen's organization in Pocket -E M.V-II, ...finally programme was good, people liked the interactive lecture by Doctor Shri Anil Arora, and Yoga Demo by lady Dr Rama Vinayak...Anchored by Sudhirji and bit of details about ADITI FOUNDATION by me, whole event was photographed by Aditi. and BONE DENSITY test sponsored by Dr.Saheb's Company.... I am sure people got benefited by it. One point which I wanted is...our mission is to create awareness and educate people about health, basic things around us, and about freedom from phychological, physical, and professional problems-to be self relaint, as it will give them dignity and self respect.....Free bone density test or inviting celebrity experts-if neccessary(no gimmicks plz) is not to attract numbers only and to dilute seriousness of the topic...but to present all aspect of THE TOPIC. Getting free offers are discount or doing free work for charity, in free time or as a mission, are not to get distracted from main topic or lakhshya. Aditi, Sudhirji, Babuji and evem me has organisational skills,knowledge, experiences(though most of us are busy with their own work and studies, which is very important either, but vaqt tooo nikalna hi padhta hai.....agar chahein tooo) but people of different localities reacts differently on different occassions and every new programme is a new experience....and our success is not just to reach to the people in quantity or in numbers but to touch their heart, reach to it and make them think and make them part of social get right results...We'll try to grow with them, work with them.Thanks to all who came, and wish that who didn't came this time, should also come next time.

May be like film MOHABBETEIN's Guru-Shishya....though it was just a love story and Haar-Jeet of Father and Son-in-law....but definitly we all want to spread love,self discipline and not hatred...suicides ......indiscipline!!!Its quite stupid to mention movies every time....but to clear the weather, at times we need to do that, as we all do relate with them somehow. Though I would like my daughter to marry where we want her to, with her consent, and We do believe that she'll do that. Let her complete her studies first.

Sudhirji is a great supporter of me and aditi...always ready to help, not miser in financial matters as well, whenever neccessary....but he need to be convinced first...and now I have to convince him that god has given birth to me or all of us, to do more substaintial/serious work and not just for mauj-masti, time-pass(I know, he do understand this, and doing serious works...I don't think anyone can make Political cartoons,just like that). Definetly home comes first(as I do think even I am a homely person as well)!!!...but CHATUKARITA WON'T DO, AS I AM NOT A CHARAAN And if a person has Global thinking, its not bad(one need to have global personality/appeal with indian essence, a vibrant and mordern india do need this progressive thinking with traditional coverings...if one can have any minor bad habits(or otherwise they go to rehab centre or see a docter/therapists,etc...or go to jail..) can be rectified by his/her Will Power...for getting inspired for this, one can read 'EXPERIMENTS WITH THE TRUTH of MAHATMA he evolved and changed his life...and others as well.

For Aditi foundation's work... People usually think NGO's are fraud(but physically all family members do helped me...sudhirji did designing of all publicity material-as he used to do it for HT cartoon contest also...earlier), they are just there to make starting from home my first step will be to create MY, AS WELL AS MY NGO's CREDIBILITY,ACCOUNTABILITY,AND WORTH...and for that MY MISSION,AIMs AND OBJECTIVEs FOR WHICH I CREATED THIS PLATFORM. FOR THAT I DO NEED PEOPLE'S SUPPORT ALSO AND NOT NECCESSARYLY ONLY FAMILY'S SUPPORT, INSPITE OF FACT THAT MOST OF THEM ARE BUSY IN THEIR WORK AND STUDIES, OR HOME MAKER's RESPONSIBILTIES.....AND DEFINITLY I DO NOT INTERFERE IN ANYONE's OFFICE WORK...SO I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYONE's UNNECCESSARY INTERFERENCE ALSO. ITS A SOCIAL ENTREPRENERSHIP(heard this phrase from some TV progmmame) FOR ME AND NOT EXACTLY A BUSSINESS.

I wish Sudhirji also all the best as directly or indirectly, somehow his career, and its future prospects also got sabotaged/damaged to some extent....but he'll have to recover from it- him self( as without being immodest,I am saying/and others do say... that he himself is an ICON....same as Mr Dhoni and Indian cricket team...who need to recover from their own chance/luck or otherwise(they all have much more responsibility on them,as they all are FACES of emerging and rising INDIA/BHARAT/ I wish no more negativity(anger,viiolence,bad behaviour,bad language...bad habbits etc) need to spread, though one need to be cautious and see pros and cons(as its nothing wrong in doing it)...god give me and everyone- this will power,chance,support and way to recover(though I am at home by my choice)...and do good, as all of us need to go miles and miles before getting finished/exhausted, no one is putting kaur in our mouth...I mean will do mouthfeeding . It applies on anyone/,friends and foes!!!By the way when someone said that I am a Mumbaiwala in that gossip blog, as I had mentioned some film and serial...I had replied that I am an Indian who lives in Delhi.Good one no!!! As I told my sis-in-law to come at least once in a month as they all are busy at home/work or studies as well...I said this to my mother that I'll be their to see her as she was unwell...and will come once in a month but then I was told by don't come we do come to meet you all in few months interval....I don't think there is any controversial point in it.

And about My lagaav for MS(koi Doosra???)....I think my family was never been out of my mind...since begining of this year(2009)in and I have written about nostalgic days when we met...1984...about cartooning and at times Sudhirji on the top of his career, feeling stagnated by today's scenario...about ingredients that makes cartoon,and a cartoonist and what his wife required to be supportive, and behind his success, if possible...and about Chinu/Aditi...her creativity... and today's youth(our next generation) from her eyes and her camera's eyes....etc,So???.

Well then,(first of all I belong to Jharkaand as well, as I am born in Dhaanbad and even my mamuji/other relatives and school friends lives in ranchi)...Captain Mr MS Dhoni(specially)...and the Indian Cricket team...I like sports, and definitly Cricket(if I have time to see...which I had in recent days)...even people around me who used to find it boring, do watch it whenever gets time and has knowledge about it(like me).

...But on the way I had got this feeling that Mr M S Dhoni can be good choice as Bridegroom(Damaad, and it is not a joke) for my daughter(why??..I mentioned it many times...and my views and praise has not changed inspite of Gossips/gupshup, its not proved correct yet!!!)...Chinu/Aditi(I am sure she'll listen to us for final decision..though she need to focus on her studies first right now...I feel with these discussions.... get distracted/or in contrary..may be become more focused to do something(vaise she is focused in her work, and do know about her priorities),or may be if we really finalized everything...she may become more focused!!...Well whatever will thing is for sure she is very lucky...and I am sure god will guide her and take(store for her) good/best decisions...)...though initially I thought MS likes someone else on the basis of gossips(as suddenly I/we reached there and started following,which included other cricketers news as well)....but now it seems to me otherway round as these 2 gossip blogs related about him, stopped gossiping and mentioning anyone's name. Neither it is there in TV Gossips, even I am not 'Bitching'???...need to recover from this bimari???".

I think he was copying us/or ....or somehow relating to past gossips, but then bachelors/their parents... do need to have choices before finallising PERFECT Bride/Bridegroom(not talking about serials)....or to be in SWAYAMBER. And now no one is doing honour killing anymore at our home as well...per daabbe hue sanskar (many times its good, but at times these rigidities become mentalblocks..)...kabhi-kabhi uubhaar aatein hain. As fuedalism still exists in our society, and in our mind....or even in people of other neighbouring countries...and in their mindset. But then one more point is- as like Sudhirji, everyone is not that modest.Kucch natak, kucch vichaaron mein badlao...jivan chalta rahta hai.

Dainik bhaskar's ad in which Mr M.S. Dhoni is fighting for common man saying abhi nahin bade ho ker zidd karo...'ZIDD KARO DUNIYA BADLO'....ji aaj zarurat hai ki hum saab ghar ho,ya bahar...sahi ke liye zidd karen, sahi banne ne ki liye zidd karen,galat na hone dene ki zidd karein....itni zidd ki log sunnne ko majboor ho aur aapke liye her bandh raste khulein... buraiyon se ladenein ki zidd karien, buraiyon ke kilaf jung,galatiyon ko rokene ki jung, ...buren banne ki zidd na karein!!....aur iske liye sahi/galat ki samajh ko viksit karna zaruri hai joki sabhi ke aander maujood hai.

vyakti patther ko bhi poojta hai to vah bhagvan ho jata hai...yeh ushke swayam ke aander ki shakti hai....fhir sahi kyon nahi ban sakta.Iske liye swechha se koi deadline tai ki ja sakti hai per isska koi expiry date nahi hota.Poojo to bhagvan hai na poojo pashan...Aissa kamalhaasan ne aapne latest film DASHAVTAAR mein gane ke bol mein likha hai.

Recently writing here in blog I have mentioned few movies,serials,ads, which we can relate with, which colours and shades can effect our life...though mentioning these things dilutes issues if we all start inacting/living these characters....(Manoj Bajpai of Shool, office-office, Saans,Hu-Tu-Tu, Shaanti, Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi, kahani ghar ghar ki...Hazar Chaurasi ki ma....Boney kapoor's movies...ISSUES depicted in it)...Subhash Ghai/ Sanjay leela Bhansali...Hum Dil de chuke sanam, Fhir bhi dil hai hindustani, Nayak, Mohabbatein, Khoobhsurat,Godmother,(FICTIONS)...etc...many of us will become its better not to be....not to spread and aggravate bad things!!!....but as everything exists in our society sadiyon se...good or bad, and so do all kind of emotions as well... and we have responsibilities that saadiyon se chaali aa rahi buraiyon ka aant na ho sake to vah zyada faile bhi sabka kahin to aaant ho!!! isliye jo galat hai usse sahi ka jama pahnane ke bajaye....sahi karne ke liye samadhan dhoondhein, baton ko sahi sandharbh,context mein dekhein aur samjhein.Sahi udaharan,example banein...!!!

Picchale dinon/sallon tak hum sab kya baddbadate rahe...likhte rahe...kisne kya kaha...kis sandarbh mein kaha, kis mannastithiyon mein kaha, kis paristhitiyon mein kha, gambhirta se kaha ya vaise hi passing comment ya natak tha...Tu-Tu main main tha ya soch vichaar ker kahi batein thi...Jinx toddna ho ya, Example set karna maqsad ho....iss babt koyi baat nahin kahni hai abhi mujhe....bas loose ends conclude ker rahi hoon, aur related newz update ker rahi hoon.

I don't want to write about family matters, though everything applies on everyone...but everyone here or around me...are moving in upward and right direction, doing well in their personal life- economically, careerwise, in studies, health...personal relations....things has smoothen up where it had some! no problems. Every one is focused,talented,balanced, culutured and intelligent enough to solve their own problems....kisi ko koi rok(stop or control) ya daba(pressurised/sideline/supressed) nahin sakta...mann mein hausala, vichaaron mein suljha hua drishtikon,parivaar ka saath ho, to koi bhi kuch achieve ker sakta hai...parivaar mein, Parivaar ke ke liye...sab contribution Desh ke liye hi hota hai, directly/indirectly.Hamari Ghereloo Cricket team kisi se kum nahin hai...but meri direct responsibilty to sirf hum Paanch ki hi hai. Even big people can live austere life...we have many examples like Late Dr Rajendra Prasad, Late Shri LaL Bahadur Shastriji...even we live simple life without any majboori, what is bad in it!!! But Mahangai can make anyone's life hell...gone were the days when only price rise of onion made a fall of "kuchh fark hi nahin padhta".

One of Sudhirji's friend asked me recently why he can't be PM...just becoz he comes late and is bit disorganized??? I think he has all quality to be a very good PM of our country. He is always busy, thats why he is at times late latiff.In have written about Sudhirji,his work and its different dimensions,his personality and Qualities,Popularity, his dynamism...where ever it was important....and suitable....and I am sure in future if he wants to/or get offers for Modelling/being a face /or for causes, he can be not less then anyone, as he is a good anchor...did progamme for DD.And he is very fluent and good in Hindi/English/Urdu...written or spoken, incuding his mother tounge and has knowledge of Sanskrit. I don't think I need to describe his abilities,achievements,honesty,charm and knowledge,....his oratory power....etc, as most of the people know about it. I am proud of him and this facts that he has so many supporters in family and friends and around and they all think so good about him....I do think even creative person can be good administer or visionary Nehruji was.

Good wishes to Saurav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar who got felicitated by Ms Mamta Banerjee yesterday (24/12/09) and got lifetime free passes for travelling by train....!!!....Their life(including Sudhirji) inspired me also to do something to get praised and win accolades by family,friends and people around us...2010 will be year for me to do effort to work beyond family with taking them along if possible.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Tuesday, 7 October 2008
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ADITI 'The infinite' is a goddess of sky, the past, the future and fertility. She is also the mother of Hindu Gods. For us ADITI means 'A RAY OF HOPE'. Aditi is a movement of awakening. It is a mission to chrun our society and make people more humane. It is revolution of awareness to spread humanity and self respect in each person to inspire and motivate them to become self-reliant. Thus our motto is to make our society free from three 'P's- Psychological, Physical, and Professional problems and provide respect,love, and dignity to all. It can only happen when all of us work together hand in hand and think about making every individual healthier, progressive, skillful, more humane, full of self respect...and self-reliant. As wise people say, "Boond-Boond se Samundra banta hai', each and every effort will make this world a better place to live in. This would be our contribution to our humanity.

ADITI FOUNDATION is a National level development organization, registered as an Indian Charitable trust, initiated by a group of energetic young professionals including young hearted senior citizens from different fields. The foundation is willing to support women, children and senior citizen centric health and education, welfare initiatives of individuals and NGO's all over India.

India's economy is galloping with 8% GDP growth. But 17million children of the country work as laborers. Improving women's maternal health and literacy are critical to building stronger families and communities. Here in India, twice as many women as many are illetrate, and girls are still less likely than boys to attend a primary school. In the country, more than 100,000 Indian women die in pregnancy and child birth each year. And over 5million children and adults are living with HIV/AIDS here.

Is only the government responsible for every problem under the Sun?

The desired changes in the society will come only when more and more privileged with a desire to bring about changes start participating pro-activily in "solution-finding" process.

It's just the begining of Aditi Foundation. Hence, we are trying to work on projects on education, health care, girl child, livelihood and advocacy. Aditi Foundation wants to work together with women's leaders, communities, organizations and government ministries and private sector(Corporate Social Responsibility) here to change the mindset of the entire humanity and give underprivileged tools to live a healthy and self-reliant life.

Aditi Foundation will also provide a platform to the young artists to showcase their talent. It will bring writers, musicians, dancers, theatre personalities, painters, etc. under one umberella. Because, ultimately, they all stand for the common people.
बदलती परिस्थितियां
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परिवार और समाज में नारियों का स्थान और उनके अन्तरंग और बहिर्रंग व्यक्तित्व की दृष्टी से यदि हम विश्व का इतिहास देखें, तो विभिन् कालों में नारियों की बदलती स्थितियों का हमें सहज ही पता चल जाएगा। हमें ऐसा सुनने को मिलता है की बहुत प्राचीन काल में नारी प्रधान परिवार हुआ करते थे। ऐसे परिवारों से यूक्त समाज मात्र सत्तात्मक समाज कहलाता था। आज भी केरल में और पूर्वोतर राज्यों में ऐसे परिवार मिल जाते हैं। फिर क्रमश: ऐसा युग आया जब परिवार में कार्य शेत्र का स्पष्ट: बंटवारा हो गया। नारियों को घर के समस्त कार्य सौँप दिए गए और पुरूष ने अपना कार्य-शेत्र बाहर चुन लिया। परिणाम यह हुआ की धीरे-धीरे पुरुषों का महत्त्व बढ़ने लगा और स्त्रियाँ सिर्फ़ घर की शोभा मात्र रह गयी। आधिकारों की दृष्टि से नारियों के पिचाद
जाने का प्रधान कारन शायद यही रहा होगा। आज भी हम पाते हैं की जिन् स्त्रियों का कार्य शेत्र सिर्फ़ घर तक सीमित है, वे अपेक्षाकृत परतंत्र है, और जो स्त्रियाँ किसी न किसी रूप में घर से बाहर अपना कार्य शेत्र ढूँढ लेती है, वे कहीं अधिक स्वतंत्र हो जाती हैं अथवा होने की शमता पैदा कर लेती हैं। नारीओं की स्थिति में हेरफेर का यह कारन इसलिए भी उपयुक्त प्रतीत होता है, क्योंकि कोई दूसरा कारन इतना महत्वपूर्ण नज़र नहीं आता। सालों से महिलाओं की बिगड़ती स्थिति और अन्याय से बचाव के लिए तमाम महिला संस्थ्यें सामने आयी हैं पर वे पुरा कार्य नहीं कर पायीं हैं। स्त्री का शारीरिक, मानसिक, और मनोवैज्ञानिक शोषण से बचाव हो, इसके लिए ज़रूरी है की पूरा परिवार अपनी सोच में परिवर्तन करे, या परोख्स रूप से कहें, तो समाज की सोच में ही परिवार्त्न हो। आंकडों के मुताबिक, उत्तेर्प्रदेश महिलाओं के उत्पीडन में सबसे आगे है। नेशनल फॅमिली हैल्थ के हाल के आंकड़े बताते हैं की तकरीबन पचास प्रतिशत पुरूष महिलाओं को उत्पीडित करते है। दहीज के लिए टांग करना, मरना, लिंग भेध्भाव भी वहां ज़्यादा है, पर यह सामान्तया पुरे उत्तर भारत में है। शैक्षिक, आर्थिक, व् सामाजिक विकास में भी उनके साथ भेदभाव ज़ाहिर तौर पर है। प्रतिदिन के उत्पीडन से महिलायें एकदम से नहीं मरती, तिल-तिल कर मरती है, और हर तरह से पंगु बन जाती हैं।

आख़िर इस समस्या का कोई निदान है क्या ? क्या महिला सस्थाएं न्यायालयों में महिलाओं को न्याय दिला कर इन समस्याओं का निदान कर सकती है ?

मैंने अपने कुछ मित्रों से कुछ सवाल पूछे.उनके जवाब का लब्बो -लुबाव था "इस्त्रियों का आत्मनिर्भेर होना मुख्य वजह है पारिवारिक कलह की । जो दायीत्व समाज ने स्त्री और पुरूष के लिए बाँट दिए गए हैं , उसका निर्वहन न कर के पुरूष और स्त्री दोनों पुरूषओचित हो रहे हैं । वैसे भी , पुरूष का स्त्रियन होना सम्भव नहीं ।"

मुझे लगा जब तक पुरूष अहंकार बीच में आता रहेगा , परिवारों में बिखराव आता रहेगा एक और महिला मनोव्य्ज्ञानिक रूप से पंगु होती रहेगी ।

आज ज़रूरत है ऐसी संस्थाओं की जो स्त्री ही नही , पुरुषों के मन की व्यथा भी सुनें और उन्हें परामर्श दे की किस तरह घर में महिला को स्नेह व् इज्ज़त देते हुए मददगार पति , भाई , पिता की भूमिका निभाएं । साथ ही , इस पीढी की परवरिश ऐसे ढंग से हो जहाँ बेटे -बेटियों में भेदभाव न हो और दोनों में समान मानसिकता डालते हुए घर -बाहर के कार्य सिखाये जायें । संभवत: तभी स्थितियों में बदलाव होगा और देश का भविष्य उज्जवल होगा , और यही हमारा समाज के लिए योगदान होगा ।

विभा तैलंग ९.१०.2008

Sunday, 5 October 2008
दिनकर जी 'कुरुषेत्र ' में
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आशा के प्रदीप को जलाये चलो धरमराज,
एक दिन होगी मुक्त भूमि रनभीती से
भावना मनुष्य की न राग में रहेगी लिप्त ,
सेवित रहेगा नही जीवन अनीति से

हार से मनुष्य की न महिमा घटेगी और
तेज न बढेगा किसी मानव की जीत से
स्नेह बलिदान होंगे माप नरता के एक ,
धरती मनुष्य की बनेगी स्वर्ग प्रीती से .'
सुमित्रा नंदन पंत जी की पंक्तियाँ
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कौन बनाता है ये समाज

महाभाव की स्वर संगति में, गूँथ विश्व को,

एक नया अलोक उतरता , भू आँगन पर।

नए रक्त से हृदये शिरयिएँ होती झंकृत

अंतर का उन्मेष लाँघ बाधा के पर्वत

नव समाज को देता जन्म डूबा स्वार्थों को,

नई ज्योति लिखती मानव के जीवन मन की

गाथा, अभिनव भावों के इतिहास पृष्ट पर.

हमारा पहला सेमिनार
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शुरू से सुनती और देखती आई थी परमार्थ करना और सेवा करना मनुष्य का धरम है। बचपन से ही दूसरो की मदद के लिए हाथ बढाती रही। बिहार में अक्सर बाढ़ आया कराती, गर्ल गाइड थी, श्रमदान करने और खाना, कपडे एकाठा करने का आदेश मिलता था। कॉलेज पहुँची तो अन्सिसी में भरती हुई। रक्तदान करना, विकलांग सहेलियों के पढाई में मदद करना, सिलसिला जारी रहा। भोपाल गैस त्रासदी के दौरान चित्राषा नाम की संस्था बनाई थी। सुधिरजी मौके पर चित्र बनाकर बेचते और पैसे एकाठा करते थे। इतने वर्षों में अनेकों बार राष्ट्रीय आपदाएँ आयीं। हमने स्वयं या किसी संस्था के साथ मिलकर अपना योगदान दिया।अपने मुहल्ले में एक महिला संस्था के साथ जुड़ी, पदाधिकारी भी बनी. अदिति भी अपने स्कूल में नेबरहुड प्रोजेक्ट से जुड़ी थी। बाबूजी वृद्ध लोगों की संस्था से जुड़े है। ३० सितेम्बर २००८ को शाम ६ से ९ बजे दिल्ली के आई आई सी सभागार में अदिति फाउंडेशन का पहला सेमिनार हुआ। वक्ता थे श्री अशोक वाजपयी, श्री विनोद नारायण झा, डॉ नरेश त्रेहन, डॉ रंजना कुमारी और श्री ब्रिजेन्द्र रेही। सेमिनार में बातचीत का विषय था 'क्या स्वयमसेवी संस्थाए आम लोगों के साथ मिल कर दुनिया की तस्वीर बदल सकती है? हमारा मकसद था दिल्ली की सभी स्वयमसेवी संस्थायें एक जत के नीचे मिलकर इस विषय पर सोचे की, जिनके लिए , जिस मकसद से काम किया जा रहा है , वो लाभ लोगों को मिल पा रहा है या नही. आख़िर लोग प्रत्यक्ष रूप से या पारोख्श रूप से भी इससे जुड़े महसूस करते हैं या नहीं? समाज में बदलाव तो सभी की सहभागिता से हो सकती है। जो काम करतें हैं उनसे, और जिनके लिए काम हो रहा है उनसे। कहते हैं न 'बूँद बूँद से समुद्र बनता है'। आयोजन को प्रायोजित किया था हिन्दी अख़बार दैनिक भास्कर ने।
हमारा मिशन
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अदिति फाउंडेशन का स्वास्थ्य और शिक्षा मिशन है- सब के लिए स्वास्थ्य व् शिक्षा का साधन जुटाना। ऐसा तभी संभव है जब लोगों मे इसे पाने की ललक और जानकारी हो, उसके फायदे पता हों और उन्हें पाने का तरीका भी पता हो । वे अपने हक के लिए लड़ सके। हम कोशिश करेंगे की लोगों को इकठा करे या उन तक पहुंचे , उन्हें जागरूक करे और उनमें यह अलख जगाये कि वे स्वास्थ्य व् शिक्षअ को प्राथमिकता दे। इसके लिए हम उन्हें हर सम्भव सुविधाए मुहैया कराने कि कोशिश करेंगे और उनके अनुकूल माहौल बनायेगे, विशेषकर पिछडों के लिए चाहे वे किसी भी समुदाय, वर्गे, जाति, लिंग या धर्म के हों.
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Today I have deleted My much discussed health problems...and family tree(topics) it was recent months I started writing here with my name
quoting real names...otherwise earlier I just had Gmail Id...when I started working for ETV's YUVA BHARAT...I opened hotmail Id...then ADITIFOUNDATION BLOG and ...and then these blogs(which was there but I was not writing much....after writing in a gossip blog I started writing in my own blog almost regularly...) and FACEBOOK AND ORKUT AND TWITTER I am not using it much....but now onwards definetly I'll try to establish my own PAHCHAAN with taking along ADITI AND SUDHIRJI....definitly others are there....let the whole world promote whom they want ...We 3 are BHARAT/ HINDUSTAN/INDIA...FOR ranking/ competitions plz, THOUGH I KNOW OTHERS ARE STILL COMPETING....why its that when everyone work they get praised but if try to do remarks like..'its a prestige issue for you(like Karishma of Biwi No.1. or Aishwarya of TAAL...though they do needed money as well....and were angry ) etc...definetly even I would like to prove that even I can do something nicely...even I have that childlike feeling that people appreciate my work, and not always bounce Q's like what I have done, what's my contributions are...etc.Everyone is working, even I'll like to do that(EK BOOND THOSH CONTRIBUTION MERA BHI HONA CHAHIYE)...I still believe one should try to live with EXAMPLE...baki to SABHI BOLTE HI RAHTE HAIN(HINDUSTAN BOL RAHA HAI)...woh to chalta hi rahega.