Monday, May 25, 2009

Congratulations to SUPER 30 group of PATNA....Mr.Aanand Kumar is running this group since 2003...He picks up 30 aspirants for IIT entrance from economically poor, and simple background...groom them in preparing for exams without any 2008 and 2009...all his 30 students(each year) were through in first time, till now their 73 students got selected...he and his students deserves our kudos...must include girl students also(if they qualify)...Congratulations and best wishes.

Saw on TV today that Mr. Aanad kumar has plans to 3fold their students this year(will take 90 students)...and expand their work in neighbourhood states like Jharkhand and UP but their Center place will be Patna.Another group Rehmani 30 from Patna
is also doing the same thing. Selecting economically poor child from Muslim background and helping them...10 of their students also got selected in IIT entrance this year.

Saw a documentry feature on Super 30, Discovery Channel,...really wishes to them...

Even we want to work...(trying to run an NGO)... with whatever limited resources/Aukaat we that even we can contribute a BOOND positivily to our we got so much since we are need to set an example before they least try wishes to us.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So, finally Deccan Chargers won IPL-2....I wrote here on 24/4/09 that I am supporting CSK and DC...CSK reached till semi-finals and DC won the tournament...congratulations to Captain Gilli and his team....its Sudhirji's newspaper (Deccan Chronical),that was one of the reasons I was supporting Hydrabad team. I can see even I understand cricket. They made 143 runs but their good,tight fielding and sharp bowling did the chamatkar for them...Mr Kumble played captain's inning by taking 4 out of 6 wickets, became man of the match...but in vain, as they lost. Jo Jeeta wahi Sikander. Mr. Gilli and his team, Mr Ram Reddy, and Sudhirji ki Jai ho...even last time his Rajasthan won by 1 run...though I was supporting both CSK and RR...this time my loyality shifted to his newzpaper....(bit personal...isn't it) main AIssa hota hai...In old & Yuva khiladiyon ki Jai ho.

Even in recent elections I put my four choices as Prime Ministrial which...Shri Advaniji couldn't do much(my first choice...though his party is a single largest opposition Party...not 3rd or 4th front)...but Pranav da's(I wrote that his role as trouble shooter of party won't let him become PM) and Rahul Gandhi's(I wrote that he is not tested yet) Party is a ruling party and Nitishji's Party has clean sweep in Bihar. So my samajh of Politics is also not bad.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saw MS Dissapointed and fumbling when they lost the had less josh one can see from the beginning I don't know why!!!, specially MS is looking bit dull..not very fresh and happy...may be becoz he earlier said that our teams bowling and fielding is not very good currently and it may cost us heavily in the semi-finals,..even Sunil Gavaskar had said win comfortably, team playing first need to make 170 runs, but once CSK lost after making 188 runs also, so you never know....but don't feel bad MS and team and try must to win in 20-20 world-cup...that is more important...CSK team could have done better...but... jo jeeta uus din wahi wishes to RCB(played well) and DC(I am DC supporter as they were playing well and its Sudhirji's newspaper also), but not against RCB as both were last years underdogs) for today's match...let the best team win...Jo bhi Jeetega Cricket ki jeet hogi...

UPA team is ready with his brigade...few corrupt people are getting entry as media says...last time they dropped Taslimuddin becoz he had criminal charges on him...lets see if they can do without castist,criminals,corrupts,communals(people are communal other then Hindus also) will give mukti to our current cabinet and decision makers from unneccessary wrong pressure,aur ek aachhi suruat hogi...Loktantra ke Pakhand se upper uth kar asli loktantra ki traf kadam badhega... I hope Lokayukt bill will be pass this tenure...I am writing these thing as I am an Aam Janta.I have read about Indian National Congress and their thinking and philoshophy...and I am sure if it is followed rightly...they need no change as they believed in what our CONSTITUTION says-EQUALITY-equal opportunities and equal rights to all.May be Women bill pass this year. My heartiest wish is there should not be any more COMMUNAL or CASTE WAR. It may sound like UTOPIA...but its not IMPOSSIBLE if every one promised themself...and do not see things with heart full of hatred or vested interest...UPA is perfect combination of experienced MPs and Young MPs...and I can see in the first round they have given more emphasis to experienced people as I believe running a Country specially like India is not like a childs play. And yes we should not compare Obamaji's situation with Indian democracy's situation our democratic system is federal...and American Presedential candidates have to meet every partymen and have to go to every constituencies to have one to one contact...before getting vote and becoming President...whether for first time...that doesn't mean our system is bad.

Saw a report on some TV Channel yesterday that in Gujrat(Shayad Paanch mahal),its a tribal area and people do not have food to they are eating leafs...its sad to see...Modi saheb must do something about it.

First time their will be Cabinet formed without any Bihari minister...its PM's prerogative to choose ministers and to give them responsibilities...but I'll miss Mr Raghuvansh Prasad Singhji's honest effort and simpleness in establishing concept of NEREGA...he is very hardworking. Best wishes to our Country...I wanted people to see Hindu Philosophy in new light as is an ideology of one party, but for 80% Indians its their faith and way of life...Its entirly my point of view.

If in future Nitishji would like to join UPA coilition in the center for Bihar's benifit...atlestI will appreciate that. Bihar desperatly need devolopment and peace...freedom from castism hardcoreship which results in naxalism(in any state)and Palayan. Naxalism, terrorism, extremism, underworld activities need to be dealt seriously like Sri Lanka finally dealt with LTTE finally. No to foriegn pressures, no to human rights, no to any other hurdle...their sena learnt gurilla fighting in India to counter LTTE and eliminated them. Gandhiji believed in non-violence but never advocate Aatyachar karo or saho....Now 60 years of Gandhi how people of India are going to solve these problems.

I still feel for country's benifit article 370, Common Civil Code...should be discussed...its the right time...It need to be solved with concensus and parliamentary process...their need to be electrolar reform define that any party who believes in Sarva, Dharm, Sadbhav and Sambhav...can only fight election or form party as only prachaar of hindutva or Islamic or any relious devolopment is not our political or parliamentary mission...reading about manu's social structuring or religions is different things, its social reality, but one should not make it a political agenda to gain political mileage...these things should be done by different social governmental or private, public machinery...definetly reservation need to pass by should not be political agenda to gain votes...varna Mr.Bainsla sarikhe log reservation ke ander reservation mangte rahenge...Idealistic politics is different from EN KEN PRAKAREN...the way CHANAKYA did...which way people want 'change'...her samasyaon ka samadhan ho sakta hai or kam mein lambi line choti ki ja sakti hai ... I have written about it initially. Dekhna hai abki UPA 'Ek BADLAV ke saath' aayi hai ya naahi...system ki mulbhut kamiyon ko duur karne ke the time of international recession, increase in petrol price,international food crisis,..etc...this Government has many challenges to face firmly...PM saheb has set 100 days deadline to begin...good idea...specially he is giving chance to people on their performance...or who is performing...its good. Good wishes Sir.

Yesterday, Shri Madhav kumar Nepal elected PM of Nepal...Best wishes to Nepal for their journey of Democracy.... Happy and peaceful Neighbourhood will make we Indians we all are wishing Nepal well.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best wishes to Shri M M Singhji for today's ceremoney...he is going to be PM for 2nd time...After Nehruji nobody has done wishes to new government and our country...we need stability for progress and allround growth and I am sure DMK, TMC, NC and NCP ...will understand this in the National interest and Congress will behave properly with them as...its true that they need only 12 more seats but even its a fact that without them Congress cannot form their Government.....

Watching discussions on TV. Once again I'll repeat that Our Constitution gives equal rights and opportunity to every one. so its good not to hurt any religion,(Even Previously I have said that...BJP must understand that people from other Parties are also Hindus(80% Indians are Hindus and all of them are not hardcore applies on every other religion also), and Hindus only goal in life is not building a Ram Mandir but it is one of them...)...Muslim,sikh, Isai...etc.. also should be included and given importance in their(BJP'S) future agenda...I am sure their human face will be more appealing though they have picked up almost every issues... they should (must) take everyone along as our country consists of all of them, BJP must understand essence of our constitution is Sarve,Dharma, Sadbhav-sambhav and hindu Sbhyata ne to sbhi sbhyataon ko khud me smahit kiya hai(other religious leaders also stop hating Hindus, just becoz of history or its in majority)....In my point of view...for any Indian...Deshprem aur swabhimaan ke alawa SAMPURNA VIKAS zaruri hai...desh ka or sabke vyatiktv ka bhi...Poor in any caste and backwards needs upliftment...but unneccessary importance should not be given to any caste if they are in creamy layer...people themselve should come out and say now we do not need reservation...we are self reliant...Best wishes to our Soniaji, Rahul gandhi, MM Singhji, Pranav Mukherjeeji...Sachin..and all young and old brigade...

Best wishes to DD and DC for today's semifinal match...Dc is Sudhirji's Newspaper's team and we stay in Delhi so let the best team the way many days back I predicted that which four teams will reach to Semi Finals...three of them...CSK, DD, DC..reached...only RR is out and RCB is in(credit goes to Captain Anil kumble...or maybe Rahul Dravid's newborn son is very lucky for them(joking))

Watch Sudhirji on India TV today...5pm to the time of Shapath Ceremoney....

Maine pichale dino yaahan jo bhi batein purani or nai kahin...voh kisi ko revive or create karne ke liye nahin thi balki purani baton ko sahi nazariye se pesh karna hi maqsad tha taki bhavishya mein baaton ko sahi nazariye se dekha ja saake...varna main manti hoon deshPrem or visvprem zaroori hai, per parivaarprem bhi kartavya hai...woh bhi hamari prathmikta hai kyonki yeh 'sirf hamari zimmedari hai'...whether I am a housewife or a working I am not a Sanyasi but a grihasta....

By the way I saw a Servey today in a Newspaper(HTCity)-who is most eligible bachelor of our country...options were..Rahul Gandhi(got 78%),M.S.Dhoni(got 8.5%)and Salman Khan(got 2.5%)...survey must have done on Young urban girls(278 girls)...but one thing is sure...Rahul Gandhi's Face value must have added many votes for UPA...'sub ek se hain...Rahul ki party ko hi vote de do'...Aisa bhi hota hai!!!

At the time of elections Aamir khans ad campaign were really good and awakening...even Karan Johar and Mr.Deora's Ad were very good.

M M Singhji's oath ceremoney is over. People don't need to describe his biodata. He is a scholar, a beaurocrat, simple, honest, decent, soft person....who transformed into a political person(quite firm,assertive, a bit of dignified rebel,and angry....answered each and every question people asked...) during this election...with the Party's support. During Nuclear Deal he asserted and was very firm...we need to see that firmness in future also.

I remember on Sudhirji's book release a media person asked him about M M Singhji as that book was on him...and Sudhirji said..'In the begining I used to feel very guilty after making his cartoons as he is a very decent and soft spoken person but...usually Dhire-Dhire..leaders start working full time for Cartoonists.' Sudhirji has always made neutral cartoons. So, Sir! I'll remind you Nehruji's famous line-'Never spare me Shankar'(pioneer cartoonist of our country). Best wishes to you and your party.

By the way besides Sudhirji's jaan-pahchaan with congress people or UPA...Aditi also has her Apna connection...Madhav...PM saheb's grandson was her classmate in SPV school, Now he is in St.Stephens...they found him genius who partly lived in fantasyland and wanted to be a dictator of Nepal in his school days....

Best wishes for todays 2nd semi-finals...between CSK and RCB...Last night DC win was unexpected as DD was playing well in whole tournament and was on the top...but must say it was team effort and captain Gilli's knock won them seat in finals...congrats for VICTORY...should I say mera Tukka chal gaya-on 27/4/09 I have written here that I am supporting CSK AND DC ...DC reached to the Finals and I am sure CSK will try not to let their supporters down...including me.Best wishes to all.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yesterday CSK and DC won -Hayden(man of the match)is really playing well....matches were very exciting...Sachin's Mumbai team is out of tournament now as they lost too many matches...Sachin ko bhi harana aasan nahin to namumkin bhi nahin.

Sudhirji's assesment was right that no party or coilition will get majority as even last time they(NDA). lost by 7 seats...and my assessment is also correct that we will get stable coilition....
(media's role was very constructive this time)..

Now as Every party are going to analyse their VICTORY AND DEFEAT....According to me I feel like mentioning few points.....the way Soniaji's Foreign origin was a big issue in 2004 elections and a main hurdle in her becoming PM...and now it is not an issue as I am sure her acceptibility increases in 5yrs....If today she opt for PM post few people will raise voices, may be few parties demonstrate on the street...but their govt. won't fall...there won't be any midterm poll on this issue...similarly Advaniji's Hardliner(little dented) image must have impact on this year's election but as now janta understands that religion is 'the way of life'(as I saw people talking on TV)...mandir issue is subjudice...and Mandir can be made with consensus of should not make it point of Sarv Dharm essence of our CONSTITUTION...and of all Dharm and this is more important...we want all round devolopment(vikas) time Mr Advani or even Mr.Modi won't have much problem on this UP I saw bite of people saying main hindu hoon per in baaton ko nahin manta...hindu-muslim sub insaan hain...bhagvan nein banaya ...hamien to kam karne wala leader cahiye. Isi tereh'kayi muslim 'pahli bar vote dene wali voters kah rahi thi.

kattarpanthi log sabhi muzhabon mein hain per,apna kam pyar se batchit ker bhi karvaya ja sakta hai.

I felt Congress AD Campaign were also very appealing to Youth as they were based on more of their achievements and devolopment, not much of personality this blog initially I pointed out that where UPA or MM singhji is they were the ruling party....but saw that PM sahib become assertive and answer back Advaniji's (oppositions)questions very firmly... He had to answer everyone...who were not with them, and were with them in UPA...and of course Janta and Press...He passed with flying colour...I am sure he'll feel more healthy even in past... previously unwell Leaders did very well after winning. Sir, bus itni guzarish hai...aap per kafi cartoons banenge...don't feel awkward and embarrased to appreciate will be healthy for our democracy...As I know about Sudhirji at least, he do not make detasteful cartoons....

Rahul Gandhi's and Digvijay Singhji's EKLA CHALO RE..decision paid them well in UP and opened door in his arrogance..Lalluji misbehaved with Congress(Sadhu yadav ka kya hua?)anth mein...
he forgotten that Bihar ki garib janta ko apni aasmita aur swabhiman bachaane ke liye sirf apni awaaz he nahin...Roti,kaapda,Makan aur...vikas..saari suvidhayein chahiye. Nitishji mein unhein umeed dikhaiDi...jaat dharm ki baatein kab tak janta aur pradesh ko dusre pranton mein pitne se bachayeingi!!!(ulte aur pitwayegi hi...) Nitishji reminds me of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastriji...simple,down to earth...saada jivan,ucch vichar...

In UP I have heard on Tv that all criminal kind of candidates(bahubalies)lost...good for country, Its a change at least I wanted.

I am sure fizul ki Bayanbazi..
Tu-Tu Main-Main... aur jutampaijar ka yah aantim daur tha...aage aisa nahin hoga...

Navin Patnaik's win proved that - Its persons determination that makes a difference...a CM's son..studied in Doon london..was in inner circle of rajgharana of London...I have read his coffee table book on settled down in his home state(a poor progressing state)....not missing chattariti of Delhi aur London...I really appreciate best wishes to him,his team and state....

Many states(even in assembly elections) mandate proved that on the basis of devolopment...people have voted....In Mumbai even after 26/11 people voted for Congress...I think the way central government acted quickly to dismiss home minister, cheif minister...after the incidence is over ..has paid them well and ofcourse economic recession and terrorism has not effected UPA much as janta believed that it is a international problem and MM singhji has assured them that they will do something within 100days(we are waiting sir!!) they promised- inflation rate do came down since last June ..but not price rise(which is essential for middle class and lower classes)..but people gave priority to stability....only killing of that innocent bihari boy in bus still make me sad...he could have...captured by throwing teargas...or something for so long, he has not targetted public...he was frustrated, wrongly provoked..misguided boy..should not have got killed...I still feel very bad for him.

In Delhi I have seen(on TV) so many politically motivating nukkad natak in univ. shows 'awareness level' was better this time...and vote percentage increased in young people voted to work is happening...(for commonwealth games, and cricket world cup).... for that also we needed stable that in future we can host olympics the way I have forgotten to congratulate Mr. Anand for his latest achievement in Chess...though its bad that we could not make it in semi finals in wishes to all.

Friday, May 15, 2009

LOKTANTRA KI DRAUPADI ROTEE NAYAN NICHOD NAHIN KOIYEE RAKHWALA....Vajapayeeji's line is apt for today's situation according to exit polls....but I am sure in reality we will get stable coilation govt. in centre and 2states. best wishes to our country and our democracy...and to all who are fighting elections....specially NDA as Advaniji is my first choice for PM post....I hope I'll proven right.

Best wishes to CSK team, and other teams for today's match.....

Till now what election results are showing....shows UPA ahead of NDA...I don't mind If I have proven what is good for country is good for all of us...It seems to me ...Janta didn't want to give NDA or Advaniji chance....unki marzi saraakhon per.... best thing is 2 main parties has emerged as big parties and gain seats....choti parties hashiye per chali hota hai aacha hi hota hai. Aditi's first question just now was has Congress won?...I said yes! till now UPA is winning...I can see Manmohan singhji and Rahul Gandhi(passed the test), Soniaji...along whole karyakartas...won...(even they are mixture of young and old) wishes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best wishes to Chennai for today's match.Along with whole team Captain Mr.MS Dhoni also need to perform spectacularly once again...Yesterday match was really good but the way DC lost their 7 wickets in 17 balls is unfortunate...they 'gifted' 2 points to DD just like that...well, DD is really playing well and now DD is already qualified for semi-finals with 16 points in 10 matches. Best wishes to all of them(teams).....Jo jitega vahi sikander.....

Well, lets talk about politics...votings are over now...overall 60% voting percentage is not bad...Discussion on Exit polls are going on...its neck to neck fight...But I Believe Advaniji(NDA) is going to form the govt....JAyalalitaji, Ramdoss, Chiranjiv, Vaiko,TRS, Mayawatiji...May be Mamta banerjee...etc...who were with them before and new one...will join hand to support them to form a new govt....may be even left come along as few days back Vrindaji said that NDA is now not communal...Best wishes to Indian Democracy.

Friday, May 8, 2009

one more phase of election(voting) is still to happen...yesterday saw one discussion on TV 'does Advaniji's image is hurdle for his becoming PM'...Sudhirji's comment was apt and neutral(aacha bolte hain)...I don't think it will matter much...they already worked in coalition government and I am sure they will have number to attract others to their side as our democractic process won't fail us and government will be formed...vaise bhi ab koi untouchable nahin hai...Rajniti main(as many BJP and other party candidates are fighting election or joined others so called secular parties as if by shifting their loyalties their mindset will change...if that so then its good for we need equality in cast, creed, region,religion and gender,strata...etc, our constitution says)...It shows we have stopped discremenating any religion including majorities... and start believing in devolopmental work to win.

I don't think Advaniji's Sardar Patel image or Lauh Purush image will create a problem...its a additional quality...people known to him...know that he is a simple man not fanatic...who loves technical he is not anti progress or mordernization...only thing is we need balance between both...old and many part of our country is still backward(progresswise)and traditional...very bharatiya...or hindustani...trying to be media reaches every where. Advaniji is a combination of experience and young anergy as he is widely campaigning in the whole country day and night...everyone is watching it...bina thake...bina wishes...baki jo hoga accha hoga...(NCR -delhi mein mamla kathin hai) wishes to our country.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MSN netizen reports says Advaniji is going to be PM...they already declared it...good(NDA should not feel overconfident as one more phase is yet to go))...lets see which way people are voting...left, right,centre...4th phase of voting going on for 85 seats including 3 seats in bihar...Rajasthan...even I am going to vote...(I have written previously also that I am going to vote the Candidate after doing research on him/her)...Sandeep Dixit and Chetan Chauhan are the 2 main candidates....its a biggest constituency in Delhi....people should vote for devolopment and basic issues...definetly...internal security, crime in city, price rise will be some of the important factor to vote in Delhi...

Today CSK team need to win so that they secure their position in semi final(need good run rate)they won last 3 matches...good to see everyone performing including MS's 58runs(man of the match)...all the teams are playing well except KKR and many of them(boys) had taken hattrick...nice to see sixers and fours...Good wishes.

I think DC,CSK,RR and DD will reach to the semi finals...aage aage dekhtein hain hota hai kya...koyi bhi ki jeet hogi.